1. Stay

From the recording Stay

"Stay" is a deeply emotional and poignant song that touches the heart with its raw honesty and vulnerability. This soul-stirring track navigates the complex journey of grief and longing, following the loss of a loved one. With a blend of melancholic melodies and heartfelt lyrics, "Stay" resonates with anyone who has experienced the pain of separation. The song masterfully captures the essence of wanting more time with someone who has departed too soon. Its lyrics, "Oh, away, away, Today you flew away," and "I know you were in pain, so much pain every day," reflect a profound understanding of loss and the human condition. The chorus, "I wanted you to stay, to stay," echoes the universal desire to hold onto those we love. "Stay" is not just a song but a therapeutic embrace for those in mourning, offering a sense of solace and understanding in times of sorrow. The song's introspective nature and the authentic expression make it a remarkable piece that's likely to leave a lasting impact on its listeners.


Oh, away, away
Today you flew away

Couldn't you stay with me somehow?
I really need you now
I know you were in pain, so much pain every day, every day
But now part of me feels burnt out

I know you had to go, couldn't stay, now you're in a better place
But I want you to know, to know
I wanted you to stay, never wanted you to go
I wanted you to stay, to stay

Oh death took you away, away
I know you had to go
I wanted you to stay, to stay
Now in my heart's a hole