1. Sheridan

Introducing "Sheridan," a resonant new rock single that brings the raw, impassioned energy of garage bands back to the limelight. With booming guitar riffs and chords, it is the aural embodiment of hope and melancholy, striking a chord that echoes in the hearts of the undiscovered artists worldwide.

"Sheridan" is more than just a song; it's a love letter to the town that first believed in an aspiring artist. This song is inspired by a true story. The artist released his first single "Going Surfing" on Soundcloud and Spotify. Despite a lukewarm response, there was one beacon of hope, a place called Sheridan, where the song was played repeatedly.

"Sheridan" captures the journey of an artist with hopes and dreams, as he navigates the roller-coaster ride of his emerging music career. It's a narrative that celebrates the silent victories and small towns that fuel the drive of struggling artists, evoking the sweet melancholy of unheralded talent while offering a glimmer of hope that keeps the spirit of music alive.

Every strum, every lyric, and every beat in "Sheridan" is dedicated to those listeners in that distant town and to every undiscovered artist who keeps pushing their boundaries, seeking their own "Sheridan." Come join us on this musical journey, and experience the blend of heartfelt rock energy and poignant storytelling that will leave you yearning for more.

"Sheridan" - A ballad for the undiscovered, a tribute to the believers.



Hey guys I wrote a song
It's got nothing going on
The critics don't like it too much but I do...

It's been out for a while
Which kinda makes me smile
No one's listening to it but me and you...

Then I found a place
Where they've got real good taste
They love my music there and I love them too...

I didn't have a clue
Now I know just what to do
I'm gonna find your city and sing for you!

In Sheridan, how are you?
Don't even know what state you're in but I'm so glad I found you...
In Sheridan, where are you?
Don't even know how to get there but I'm gonna find you and sing for you....

In Sheridan
In Sheridan
In Sheridan
Oooh Oooh

Hey guys I wrote this verse
It's a blessing and a curse
Not sure if it's better
But things can't get any worse

It's been a real ride yeah a real thrill
Like a roller coaster going up and down a hill
Don't think anyone will like it but in Sheridan they will!

So Sheridan, Can you hear me?
I'm gonna come there and play for you and we'll all feel so free-eee!!!!
ee eee
Yeah Yeah
Whoa oh

In Sheridan
In Sheridan
In Sheridan
In Sheridan